Check Out the App That Delivers Your Birth Control to Your Door

Check Out the App That Delivers Your Birth Control to Your Door

The latest innovation in accessible birth control comes in the form of an ultra-convenient delivery app: Nurx.

Nurx will deliver your birth control and prEP medication straight to your door. It’s basically like pizza delivery but for your health, and it’s awesome.

Nurx currently offers users multiple brands of the pill, the patch, and the ring, plus prEP HIV medication. To use Nurx, simply enter your desired medication, add your insurance information, answer a few simple questions about your medical history, and hit send. A doctor will review your request, and your meds will be delivered in one to three days. If you have health insurance, the service is totally free. If not, the app will charge as low as $14 a month.

Nurx is currently only available in California, but the company has some huge plans for the future. They are currently looking to expand to “New York, Washington D.C., Illinois, and Washington State.” Nurx is also working on cutting down their California delivery time to only two hours.

As exciting and amazing as Nurx is, it is not meant to take the place of your primary doctor. However, with your permission, the doctors at Nurx can share information with your primary physician, so that they are always in the loop. Nurx currently only serves those that are eighteen and up, but would like to someday provide birth control to minors as well.

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