Frequent Sex is Linked to Better Memory

Frequent Sex is Linked to Better Memory

We have, yet again, found another reason to toss around in the sheets tonight.

At McGill University, researchers found a link between sex and the growth of “nervous tissue in the hippocampus,” which is the area of the brain that contributes to emotional responses, memory, and the nervous system.

The timeline of discovering the benefits of sex on memory began in 2010 when a male rat was discovered to have neuron growth after daily sex for two weeks. In 2013, a study found that daily sexual activity generated more neurons and enhanced cognitive functioning. Recently, a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior decided to tap into the human memory and how daily sex can improve our brains.

What did the study include?

Researchers looked at 78 heterosexual women ranging from 18-29 and how frequently they participated in penis in vagina sex. Afterwards, they completed memory tasks. For example: looking at faces and words that they were asked to memorize. From this information, the researchers examined the frequency of intercourse while also making sure to note menstrual cycles, contraceptives, relationships, and grade point average.

What did researchers discover?

Jens Pruessner, a professor at McGill told Broadly that, “The chemicals involved with signaling reward to the brain—hormones and neurotransmitters—have been shown to be associated with both memory and sexual activity.”

An interesting conclusion to the study was that women were able to memorize abstract words, however their frequency in remembering faces was not as notable.

Because sex can improve the neurogenesis—which is the growth of nervous tissue—the facial memory function relies on surrounding hippocampal structures. For researchers, they believe that their findings are because of the connection to sex as an exercise, which eases stress, depression, and anxiety, and can positively impact memory.

Another study found that older adults aged 50-80 where also supported in these conclusions. Recall and memory function were improved by both men and women in this study.

How else can frequent sex benefit your livelihood?

So, what’s next for researchers? How does an orgasm influence memory? 

The researchers aren’t able to deliver any concrete conclusions as to why memory and sexual intercourse are linked but future studies are looking into the connection between sex and the impact of memory.

Researcher, educator, and scholar, Justin Lehmiller, writes, “Though we must await further research to learn more, the current evidence suggests the provocative possibility that having sex just might be a smart thing to do.”

It’s only natural to assume that frequent sex is advantageous on mood and confidence. But three cheers to coital sessions amping up your memory.