Slip This On (Him) for Pain-free Sex

Slip This On (Him) for Pain-free Sex

Pain during sex? There’s a device to help with that.

Introducing the Ohnut. It’s the first wearable device that customizes the depth of penetration.

The device was created because many women experience pain with sex. Whether their vaginas are on the slim side or their partners have a large penis—or other reasons—sex can be painful for many women. There’s even a name for painful intercourse—deep dyspareunia.

The Ohnut’s stretchy, interlocking rings act like a buffer so users can control the depth of penetration. And it may sound kind of clunky to introduce during an intimate moment, but many people are raving about it. Some medical professionals even give it a thumbs-up.

How’s it work? First, the guy wears it and lowers it completely down his penis away from the tip. Because it’s a modular system with linking rings, you can add to its length to lower penetration or use just one of the rings if you want more penetration.

The creators say to start with all three rings and reduce if need be. It works with silicone and water-based lubricants, which you’ll want to have if you give this thing a try.

The Ohnut was created by Emily Sauer, who experienced painful sex herself. She’s the co-founder of the Lady Bits League, a monthly roundtable of empowering women that aims to better understand sexual identity.

Keep in mind that there are other health reasons which sex may cause pain, so it’s important to rule those out with your doctor. If you know that your partner’s length is the issue, the Ohnut could be worth a wear.

Images Courtesy of Ohnut.