Unbound Box: A Revolutionary Way to Purchase Sex Toys

Unbound Box: A Revolutionary Way to Purchase Sex Toys

Not only is the product design irresistible and the feminist mission strong, their overwhelming supply of products are enough to make you want to buy the whole damn shop.

I love reviewing sex toy companies. I love interviewing the founders. I love discovering new items. I love the act of purchasing them, selecting a next new treat for myself, and receiving it in the mail — bundled and packaged with care. It’s self-healing, it’s sex positivity, it’s 100% necessary.

What I love more than the sex toys themselves (if you can believe that) are the new women-run brands that are rapidly popping up all over the country with sleek, incredibly sexy websites, informative articles, and engaging dialogue that appeals to the millennial generation. Unbound Box is one of these companies. Not only is the product design irresistible and the feminist mission strong, their overwhelming supply of products are enough to make you want to buy the whole damn shop. What’s unique about Unbound isn’t just their partnerships with other feminist companies, such as Lovability Condoms, but what they are offering: a subscription box filled with couples erotic goods.

It’s simple. Delivered once every three months, Unbound carefully curates each selected package and features themes like this quarter’s box subscription, The Adentro box, which is inspired by the Surrealists and aims to unveil the unseen, with a focus on the G-Spot.

After a daunting experience with cancer and radiation at the age of 21, Polly Rodriguez, the CEO of Unbound was left infertile. She told Siren, “I went to buy a vibrator because I wanted to better understand my body and the experience was awful. I walked into a seedy shop, surrounded by men looking at porno DVDs and I turned around and walked right out. I didn’t understand how there wasn’t a better shopping experience for women when it came to purchasing sexual lifestyle products, so we created one with Unbound.”

Unbound is proud to present each box with their “team of sexperts to source and pair only the highest quality and most innovative products with a dedicated focus on ensuring they can be used together to deliver you a unique, totalized sensual experience and every quarter we let you customize your box from complimentary products.”

What’s great about their collections and their boxes is that they get down to the core of what sexual encounters are really like, whether you’re alone or with a partner. This is sex, after all, and there shouldn’t be any embarrassments or taboos when it comes to purchasing the items you desire. Moreover, Unbound is very supportive of the BDSM community and lightly titles their sections for what they truly are made up of: Nipple Play, Anal, Edible, Cock Rings, and the list goes on.

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, Unbound has a few special subscription boxes that are definitely calling our names. Check out their “Galentines Day Box,” which features my personal favorite, the Crave Vesper, oil, lip gloss, mints — all to be shared with your lady squad — and their “Ovaries Before Breviaries Box” which has lots of feminist goodies golden handcuffs. Beyond the Valentines Day theme are a large selection of boxes.

And Unbound doesn’t only stick to toys. Accessories like handcuffs, lingerie, jewelry, cosmetics, or more specifics like kegel eggs, ally pins, a boob rubber stamp set, or a vagina pillow are all sold on the company’s website.

The jewelry collections are impeccable. Each line is named after a feminist icon. The “Amelia” collection, after Amelia Earhart, is described as a line for “…risk takers who are bold enough to be themselves. For the women who’d rather break the rules than live a life absent of discovery and adventure.”

In the collection, nipple clamp earrings, a lube vial necklace, a whip chocker, and a restraint set, are all silver, while the Twiggy and Cleo collections are in gold and colored pendants. Nothing says sex shop like classic icons in history, am I right?

In addition to all of the glitz and glamor that Unbound brings to the sex toy world, they also “donate 6.9% of all profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness.”

Polly Rodriguez is hoping that her company will appeal to women in a way that fashion or beauty items are appealing and acceptable. The future of sex is online. On Salon, Rodriguez said, “We exist to make sex better for women.” Her vision of Unbound is that the company will make the shopping experience for female sex products less taboo and more accepting.