The PlsPlsMe App Can Spice Up Any Couple’s Sex Life With a Swipe

The PlsPlsMe App Can Spice Up Any Couple’s Sex Life With a Swipe

PlsPlsMe isn’t the first app that seeks to help couples spice up their sex lives.

This one has you swiping left and right on sexual acts you like and dislike (right swipe means yes, left swipe means no). If you and your partner like the same act, you get a notification and an opportunity to text about it.

What I really like about it is it is backed by science. PlsPlsMe partnered with the Kinsey Institute (number one sex research facility in the US!) to help people close the Sexual Exploration Gap (SEG) by helping you and your partner figure out what you both like. Maybe you’ve both wanted to try bondage play, but neither of you is brave enough to say it out loud. PlsPlsMe helps you begin that conversation.

The app also provides you with fun sex statistics such as the longer the relationship, the more orgasms you are likely to have, but the less sexy your underwear gets. Also, Mormons have the most sex of all identified religious groups.

I do have my gripes though. You have to choose either male or female and there are only three options for sexuality (gay, bi, straight). I understand they have to make us choose because science, but at least offer an “other” option. I also wasn’t thrilled by the lack of free questions (you have to pay for additional “decks” of question cards), and it’s a little difficult to figure out. That being said, I fully plan on using the app as much as possible.

You can learn more about PlsPlsMe and the research they’ve done here. If you try it out, let me know! Leave a comment; I’d love to hear what you think.


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