The Future Is Now And It Includes Smart Vibrators

The Future Is Now And It Includes Smart Vibrators

We all mentally respond to erotic writing, whether it’s sexting or a novel, but imagine having a vibration that syncs to those words, hands free, and is tucked away privately in your undergarments.

Yes, my friends, the future has arrived. It’s present. It’s pocket size. It’s phenomenal and it’s called Vibease.

After successfully funding their project on Indiegogo with $130,425, Vibease connects to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth. You can text or video chat while your partner, or you, controls the toy from a distance with custom vibrations.

There are many vibrators and toys that sync with your partner over long distances, however, Vibease is unique in the way that it syncs to erotic audiobooks. When listening to one of the many audiobooks offered on the application, vibrations intensify when the narrative does. Since the Vibease, which can be purchased in either purple or hot pink, is silent, waterproof, hands free, and fits inside of undergarments, users can listen to erotica on the app pretty much all day, every day, as much as they want.

Orgasms have never come so easy.

The company offers two options: the self-titled Vibease toy retails for $119 and the Esthesia is $139. The application for your smartphone is downloadable and free. The Vibease can be used as a wearable clitoral stimulator while the Esthesia is a twofold with tips that stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot. Both can connect to the application and collection of audiobooks.

A recent study by Northwestern University discovered why exactly sex feels so good and concluded that, “sex is a source of pleasurable sensations and emotional connection, but beyond that, it is actually an altered state of consciousness” and for couples who are separated, the Vibease can bring emotion and physically connection together again. By having a partner control the vibrating settings, couples can “block out any other stimuli” and focus on their partner, something that can be convoluted and complicated when separated by cities, states, or time zones. For a moment, you won’t have to be 1,000 miles away anymore.

In the past decade, erotica has seen a positive push in readership and authorship; the public is beginning to view it as an art form beyond novels like Fifty Shades of Grey. This is where Vibease can begin searching for much needed, and hopefully future, improvements. The database for the audiobooks range, although not much, from The Night Terrors, Our Little Secret, and The Muse, leaving out the gay and lesbian audience and focusing mostly on kitschy topics like vampires, dominant men like Christian Grey, and specific heteronormative fantasies that lack any true depth or intimacy. Most of the audiobooks are free and those that do cost money (between one to three dollars) can be purchased with “vibe credits” which are bought within the phone application.

Vibease claims that they are “more than a vibrator,” because of their inclusion of intimate moments and capitalizing on our current social interest in sexting and video chatting. With their hands free vibrators and massagers, the company is tuning into sex, technology, and the magic of what happens when you combine the two.

Smart phones, smart watches, and smart vibrators, oh my!