5 Feminist Gifts That Are Perfect for The Holidays

5 Feminist Gifts That Are Perfect for The Holidays

The holidays are a time full of giving.

While there are many gifts out there, I believe there is nothing quite as special as a holiday gift that represents girl power and encourages feminism. From inspiring autobiographies to a feminist coloring book to empowering clothing, there are so many gifts that are perfect for any of your friends. Here are five of my favorites.

Clothing that makes a statement

There are several websites that sell inspiring pieces of clothing that make a statement about feminism. According to Wicked Clothes, “despite being half of the population, women only make up 18.3% of the United States Congress.” This is why they sell a sweatshirt reading “A Woman’s Place Is In The House And The Senate.” You can find this, and several other clever pieces of clothing that speak volumes here.

This awesome feminism coloring book

What started off as a Kicstarter campaign for Ijeoma Oluo soon became a reality as she raised over $20,000 to bring this coloring book to life. It’s a book that features sheroes from all walks of life and includes inspiring essays on feminism. Not only is coloring extremely relaxing and stress-relieving, but 40 inspiring women are featured, making this the perfect holiday gift for anyone. It can be purchased here.

An Inspiring Print That Encourages Confidence

According to the founder of Sweat Stains, her website is “a handmade print shop that harnesses the power of vulnerability and uses it to build confidence and community.” To her, talking about insecurities that individuals may have (like sweat stains) helps create conversation and defeats stigma. These prints would be a great replacement for a holiday card, and percentages of proceeds are often donated to amazing causes.

A Story From A Shero

There is so much power in an inspiring autobiography. When women speak up and share their story, their vulnerability can be absolutely inspiring. A favorite is I am Malala, which can be purchased here.

Support A Cause

What better way to show holiday spirit than buying a gift that represents feminism by supporting an amazing cause? For example, She’s The First helps provides education for girls who are the first in their families to attend school. You can find a perfect holiday gift for someone you love while supporting an amazing cause by visiting their shop.

Aim to make this holiday season about giving to the ones you love and spreading inspiration!

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