Can Feminism and Rough Sex Coexist?

Can Feminism and Rough Sex Coexist?

Agency and consent are at the heart of any sexual encounter, whether it be a one night stand or sex between long-term partners.

Yana Tallon-Hicks of Mashable explored how a person who considers herself a feminist can reconcile her feminism with her desire to have rougher sex.

“When partners have actively practiced consent by discussing their desires beforehand, the same unwanted derogatory terms catcalled through a passing car window can be positively reclaimed when growled in your ear by your lover, punctuated by a well-timed spank — both of which you requested,” explains Tallon-Hicks.

In many cases the women who Mashable spoke to for the piece underscored how to them wanting rough sex does not mean they are less of a feminist. If anything, their feminism empowers them to ask for what they want in the bedroom.

“Rough sex is me claiming my body and my desires and acting on them without apology,” explains Serra to Mashable.

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