3 Things Men Understand About Menopause and Sex

3 Things Men Understand About Menopause and Sex

Women tend to be the sole focus when the topic of menopause comes up because for the most part, their bodies are the ones that feel the changes. But, when it comes to sex, a woman’s partner is also affected in a very personal way.

In an article published on The Huffington Post, six men speak to their experience with their female partner’s menopause. While the article does only focus on heterosexual relationships, the accounts are still pretty revealing.

Here are some of the highlights.


1. Men are up-to-date with menopause vernacular

Many of the accounts quote men using the words “perimenopause” and “HRT,” which is awesome because it shows that they’re not using menopause as a crutch to stay away from the topic. Instead, they’re doing their research and trying to understand what’s happening.



2. They understand the effects of HRT

While HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, is an option for women who are going through menopause, it also comes with risks. Many men cited the increase risk of breast cancer as a reason why their female partners decided to stay away from it.


3. They’re considerate to a woman’s changes

The six separate accounts all had men who understood that the changes in their partner’s life simply meant they had to get more creative and find different ways to satisfy each other sexually.


Hopefully more men can educate themselves and help women eradicate the stigma that surrounds menopause (and aging in general).

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