You’ll Want to Know This 15-Year-Old Horror Film Director

You’ll Want to Know This 15-Year-Old Horror Film Director

Meet Emily DiPrimio, 15-year-old high school student and horror film director.

DiPrimio directed her first film, a campy slasher flick called Carver in 2014 at just 13. She is currently working on a supernatural horror web series called Violet under the guidance of Eli Roth, the esteemed horror director behind Hostel.

The protagonist of Violet is a teenage girl who “exists in our world only when she needs to combat the vilest, most evil people one can imagine,” DiPrimio explains. She’s a merciless catalyst of death, until she has to solve the mystery of her own murder.

DiPrimio works closely with her parents, father Ron DiPrimio, a fellow horror fanatic and writer/director/editor, and stepmother Sarah DiPrimio, the actress who plays Violet. While some of her work may be a family affair, DiPrimio is incredibly talented in her own right, and often finds herself having to fend off critics who think otherwise.

“Horror has always been a genre dominated by men, and a lot of the negativity I have received has been directed more towards my gender than my age, which that tells me that people are resistant to a new perspective,” DiPrimio said in 2014.

The pairing of DiPrimio and Roth came about after DiPrimio won second place in Roth’s Six Second Scare Competition in 2014.


Cover image courtesy of Bitch Media.