Yes, There’s a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coloring Book Now

Yes, There’s a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coloring Book Now

Didn’t think you could get enough of the Notorious RBG?

Did you already have the book, official t-shirt, posters, and even the pride mug? Was it still not enough? Well you’re in luck. Our favorite Supreme Court Justice now comes with her own coloring book, complete with all her awesome bad-assery.

The now internet icon is beloved by many for her constant support of gender, income and marriage equality. So to commemorate her as well as women’s history month, women’s media group SheKnows released the printable coloring book pages to celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Pages include Superheroine RBG, RBG on a unicorn, and so many more. What better way to celebrate Super Tuesday and Women’s History Month than by saluting the woman who consistently made history?

Check them out here to get your copy or read more about them in the Huffington Post.


Cover image courtesy of SheKnows.