Women Should Be Valued for More Than Their Youth

Women Should Be Valued for More Than Their Youth

Get ready to do a double take: On a Fox News special on “beta-marriages” (young couple who test the “Forever and Always” waters before saying “I do”), commentator Geraldo Rivera said that the single most important thing that a woman brings to a marriage is her youth.

Yes, you heard that right: It’s the 21st century, and people still believe that a woman should only be valued for being a fragile young thing and nothing else.

All we can do is sigh.

Obviously, there’s a multitude of problematic things about Rivera’s statement, but first and foremost: The obsession with youth (especially young women) needs to stop. There are very few certainties in this world, but one of them is that every second of every day, you’re getting older. Youth is fleeting (which Rivera should know by now at the ripe old age of 71), and we need to stop telling people that that’s a bad thing.

Have thoughts on this? So does Jessica Bennett. The TIME reporter wrote a great response to Rivera’s statementĀ and also opened up the question of why youth is so important in our society.

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