WNBA Veterans Shine Light on the Realities of Being Female Athletes

The Players’ Tribune, a website founded by Derek Jeter, serves as an online space where athletes can tell their own stories without a middleman. The importance of this creative freedom is highlighted in the Tribune’s latest series — Players’ POV.

In a video titled “I Do This For A Living”, WNBA veterans Swin Cash, Tanisha Wright, and Essence Carson voice their opinion on how women athletes are perceived, especially when it comes to women of color who play competitive sports.

The video aims to highlight how different it is for a woman in the WNBA than it is for a man in the NBA. The ultimate goal being to inspire more inclusiveness both in media coverage and in open dialogue, so that younger female athletes who aspire to play professionally could do so without feeling like they will be discredited in many ways.

Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.