Why We Need Talk to Our Peers, Children, and Parents About Gender Pronouns

In this video, Kat Blaque, Buck Angel, Ian Harvie, and Kate Bornstein, prominent trans* artists and activists, describe why pronouns matter.

It is extremely normal in our society to assume other people’s pronouns or gender identity simply from their appearance and our own preconceived notions about sex and gender, which are often informed by our cisnormative society.

Similar to expanding the topic of menstruation to be more inclusive, conversations that address and challenge the tendency to assume gender are important to have with parents, children, and peers alike so we can practice respect and use language that is more gender inclusive and tolerant.

If you are curious and want to find out more about different genders and sexualities, here is a list of comprehensive LGBQT* terms. If you are wondering how to be an awesome ally to transgender people, check out glaad’s tips for allies.