Why the Birth Control Pill Is the Best Option for Me

Why the Birth Control Pill Is the Best Option for Me

This article is a part of the “I Heart My Birth Control” series that describes personal accounts of women and their birth control methods. These wonderful sheroes share their journey to finding the best option for their unique lives. If you’d like to contribute a piece, please email lily@helloflo.com.

I used to dread getting my period, counting down the days until it was over. Sometimes it lasted longer than a week, sometimes it didn’t; I couldn’t tell what would happen. I finally decided to take charge and see a gynecologist. I’ve been on the birth control pill for over two years now, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I decided on the pill over other contraception because it was very simple to start taking. I can also stop taking it whenever I want to if I ever wanted to get pregnant later in life. I knew the pill would help regulate my period while helping prevent unwanted pregnancy, so it seemed like the best option for me.

Being on the pill had a ton of great effects for me. First of all, my periods got way lighter and shorter and became more regular in general. It took a few different pills to get it right, but I’ve been on the same one for about two years now and it’s been great.

If you’re spotting while you aren’t on your period or are feeling extra moody, the pill you’re on likely isn’t right for you. You should contact your gyno as soon as you notice this so you can schedule an appointment and figure out a different option.

I am also able to have (safe) sex whenever I want. I don’t have to worry about broken condoms or pregnancy scares. My period comes at the same time each month, lasting about four to five days.

The pill also helps keep my skin clear. The only time I usually break out is when I’m about to get my period, but that’s inevitable. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects like mood swings or weight gain.

Taking the pill is a part of my daily routine. I take it at 7 PM, after my daily activities but before I go out or go to sleep. I even take the sugar pills at the end of each month because it’s part of what I do each day.

If you struggle with your period or are sexually active, I highly recommend going on birth control pill. The positive side effects greatly outweigh the small burden of swallowing a tiny pill each day. But no matter what, make sure you communicate with your doctor about what is or isn’t working with the pill you’re on—you’d be surprised how a slight adjustment or change in prescription can make all the difference!

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