What Wednesday Addams Has to Do with Catcalling


Melissa Hunter is on her second season of “Adult Wednesday Addams,” and I can personally attest to their hilarity. As a child, I was hooked on the Addams Family, and of course Morticia and Wednesday were my favorites (#feministidols). She’s tackled one-night stands, protesters outside of Planned Parenthood, and now catcalling—and her reaction is to die for.

Catcalling has become a really important issue for women, especially in recent months due to the viral NYC catcalling video and the more recent video of a man catcalling his own mother in disguise. Women are finding various ways to speak out against the phenomenon; there are think pieces written about it virtually around every corner, videos listing reasons it isn’t a compliment, and explanations on what the experience is like from a woman’s point of view.

Catcalling is a serious issue for most women, and Melissa Hunter tackles it with the proper tone and disgust that it deserves while also keeping up with the series’ usual mirth. Much like Buzzfeed Yellow’s video “If Women Catcalled Men,” Hunter finds a way to make it obvious this phenomenon is ridiculous and unacceptable while still finding a way to make jokes about it. Plus, after personally dealing with men screaming really obscene things at you at some point in your life (as most women have), you definitely love Wednesday’s idea for how to teach these men a lesson.

Melissa Hunter’s series really is incredible. She raised the money for the second season of the series through Indiegogo, and all of her episodes are laced with the girl power inherent in the Addams’ matriarchy. It’s also the perfect length for between errands or when you want something funny and quick, and it comes out every Wednesday (go figure).

Check out all of Hunter’s videos here, and when in any touch situation, remember to ask: What Would Wednesday Addams Do?