What Happened When I Got My Period at College for the First Time

What Happened When I Got My Period at College for the First Time

When I got my first period in sixth grade, I literally had no idea what was going on. One day I felt fine, the next day all my shorts and skirts were bled through. Now, after having my period for more than six years, I know what is going to happen. I have ibuprofen on tap, plus some dark chocolate to help support.


However, for some reason, my first period in college was nerve-wracking. When was I going to change my pad—before, after, or during class? Would it look weird if I brought my backpack into the bathroom? How much class-time would I miss? Would I miss class because of severe cramping?

And no, that wasn’t the end of my worries. I was always paranoid that I have stains. This caused me to check my pants constantly. Even when I was sitting down, I’d try to look. So yes, this looked extremely odd to others. As much as I wanted to stop looking, it became a habit. Would my ritual have to end when I was in class? Or could I keep it up?

To top it off, getting to the bathroom was a major issue. My dorm was the furthest one away from the bathrooms. I pretty much always needed to be prepared. What I was most nervous for were the showers. All my towels are white (yes, I really wasn’t thinking about that!). What if I walked out of the bathroom with stains on my towel? How gross would that be? What would the guys at my dorm think when they saw the stains?

All my nerves were put to a halt. You know why? Because my period was my period, painful but needed. Of course my worst nightmares didn’t come true! My back and stomach hurt, but in the end, I’m happy I got over the hurdle of my first period in college. Of course it wasn’t as bad as I thought! It was just like my regular period, but only in a different setting than normal.

Deep breaths, being prepared, and multiple dining halls trips went a long way for me! Always be confident, and not let your head get to you too much! Remember that you know your body better than anyone else!

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