What Does Feminism Mean to Me?

What Does Feminism Mean to Me?

When it comes to my generation and feminism, I believe the previous generations are left wanting. Gone are the “good ol’ days” of feminism (protests and bra burning), replaced by Millennials who are constantly questioning its relevance. I believe there was once a time and place where the old school definition was desperately needed, when women were refused the vote, arrested for protesting and force fed after enduring hunger strikes. When women had to have their husband’s approval to make medical decisions and abortion was illegal, that version of feminism was needed.

Taking into consideration the great divide previously suffered by activists purely on the basis of perceived gender, I believe we are at a point where feminism (or at least the term feminism) is outdated. Gender is no longer strictly defined as either “man” or “woman” so why do we find ourselves classified as either a men’s rights activist or a feminist? Continuing on, the fight for human rights and gender equality needs to be inclusive of all forms of gender expression.

How do you define gender? And on that note – what does gender equality or feminism mean to your in your everyday life?

I can tell you what feminism gender equality means to me. Gender equality means that someday we as a society will be able to look past the strict gender labels of “man” and “woman” and the expectations of such. I hope to see gender equality leading us to a world where female genital mutilation is not a household term, and where bodily integrity for boys is not laughed at or thought of as a non-issue. I believe it is no longer a time where women should look out specifically for women; it negates the very word equality. This is a time where as humans we need to stop looking to our gender to define what side of the fight we’re on, and move on for the sake of egalitarianism. Men are not the issue, women are not the issue; we’re only human, but it’s time we start acting like it.

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