We Bet You Didn’t See This Empowering Commercial During the VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards, more commonly referred to as the VMAs, is known for wild music performances, insane outfits, and questionable material. While there was plenty of that during the Sunday night broadcast, there was also a commercial that could have been easily overlooked through all of the madness.

Clean & Clear, a popular skin care brand and an official sponsor for the VMAs, premiered a commercial that let girls know that differences are perfectly imperfect. These differences make you, well, you. The video begins with girls envisioning the speeches they would give when accepting an award. The video progresses to these girls accepting parts of their body that they are self-conscious about. Clean & Clear has even created a hashtag, #SelfAcceptanceSpeech, for anyone to tweet out acceptance of themselves.

Some commercials seem like they were made to be skipped, but this one holds a positive message that every girl should listen to.

Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.