Why Watching ‘The Bachelor’ Doesn’t Make Me Less of a Feminist

Why Watching ‘The Bachelor’ Doesn’t Make Me Less of a Feminist

I would consider myself a major fan of the show The Bachelor.

Every single Monday, I park myself on the couch with pizza in one hand and champagne in the other to see which woman the lovely Ben Higgins will pick to go onto the next round.

I would also consider myself a strong feminist.

Someone recently challenged me and asked if as a feminist I should really be watching and supporting The Bachelor. This person’s question caught me off guard because honestly, I had never really given it much consideration. I had always been bothered by the lack of racial diversity on the show, but I never thought that the show was necessarily a “feminist issue.”

This question really caused me to evaluate whether or not I should be watching it; however, after some thought, I have decided that it doesn’t make a feminist a “bad feminist” if she enjoys watching The Bachelor.

Here are three reasons why.


1. The Women Audition for the Show

All the women on the show are on there because they auditioned and choose to stay on willingly. While a relationship with the Bachelor of the season is at stake, at no point are any of them women forced into a relationship or marriage.

The women on the show shouldn’t be slut-shamed for choosing to compete on The Bachelor. If that’s what they want to do, so be it! It’s their choice! Even though I personally would never be on The Bachelor, I don’t understand why we are condemning the women who do want to do it? They should have the freedom to do whatever the heck they want.


2. There’s a Female Counterpart

The Bachelorette creates an equal balance in the reality show world, so that male contestants are also vying over the heart of a bachelorette.


3. It’s Mostly an Entertainment Show

At its core, The Bachelor is just a fun show, which also happens to be pretty addicting. If someone enjoys watching it, then why should they be shamed for it? I don’t think they should and I strongly believe there are bigger issues that feminists should be focusing on rather than arguing over a show.


From where I’m standing, my decision to watch The Bachelor does not make me any less of a feminist. Squabbling over whether or not The Bachelor/Bachelorette is appropriate for feminists to watch is a waste of time, especially when there are other issues at stake — normalizing breastfeeding, fighting for equal pay, violence against women, and even social inequality.

What are your thoughts? Should feminists support The Bachelor/Bachelorette  by watching it? Respond in the comments!