Watch This Parody of a Feminist Taking Down a Very Sexist James Bond

In a recent video produced by the Youtube channel Scotch Moses, the iconic Mr. Bond gets a little taste of reality. The comedic group created the perfect parody of how a real woman, not just some female character contrived by a male writer, would respond to the sexual puns and superiority complex of James Bond.

According to the female lead in the video, 007 is not as suave as he thinks. As Bond tries time and time again to convince this woman to be “his girl,” she always has a perfect comeback to shut down his sexist remarks. Bond is known for being involved with one woman for the extent of a mission or until she dies in a tragic accident and then quickly moving on to another woman. Bond is disgusted by this woman’s flat out rejection of his advances and asks her, “I chose you and this is how you repay me?”

The female lead is well aware that Mr. Bond is desperately seeking to establish the power of his masculinity by coaxing her into sleeping with him. To these pleas, she simply responds, “I don’t exist in this world to fulfill your weird needs.” And shortly after calling Bond out on his misogynistic ways, the female lead swoops in, takes out the bad guy and saves the day.

A strong woman fighting the patriarchy and evil all in a day’s work; that sounds like the plot line of a movie that I want to see.