The #PositionOfStrength Hashtag Hopes to Empower Women in India

The #PositionOfStrength Hashtag Hopes to Empower Women in India

At the end of February, Twitter launched a campaign around the hashtag #PositionOfStrength.

The goal behind the campaign is to raise awareness of how women can and should feel empowered; the campaign specifically targets India.

“As part of the #PositionOfStrength movement, we and our partners will host a series of roundtables and workshops with women leaders to explore increased empowerment and safety for women, both online and in the physical world,” explained Twitter’s Head of Policy, Mahima Kaul in a blog post.

Through #PositionOfStrength, Twitter hopes to shift some of the power back into the hands of women, so that they feel safer online. In addition to feeling empowered to effect change and not have their voices silenced on the platform.