Trisha Prabhu Is Ending Cyberbullying With Computer Software

“Go kill yourself.”

It’s a short sentence that can be seen all over social media platforms. But it has the power to tragically alter young lives every time it is typed or posted.

Many people are guilty of posting things that are offensive or hurtful to others online. Trisha Prabhu, a 15-year-old tech genius, has invented a software program, ReThink, that will help internet users recognize and reconsider phrases they are typing that are often associated with cyberbullying. Prabhu was inspired to take action against cyberbullying after hearing the story of a young girl in Florida who committed suicide.  

Sticks and stones might break your bones but words cut the deepest. Words have more significance than most people realize, so it’s important to spread awareness about the consequences of the content that is posted online.