This Video Points Out the Sexism That Exists With Emojis

Always recently released a video that speaks out about the lack of representation in emojis as a part of their #LikeAGirl video series.

Their first successful advertising campaign reminded us all that being a girl is something to be extremely proud of.

In their new video, several young girls are now speaking out and using their voices, confronting the lack of representation in emojis. According to the video, girls send over a million emojis a day, but often, there are not emojis to accurately represent the different things girls do.

For example, several girls in the video pointed out that there are no women represented in the athletic or career sections. They also noticed that all of the female emojis are dressed in pink.

Although emojis are just one small example of lack of representation, it’s important to ask ourselves what message this could be sending young girls. This ad campaign hopes to encourage the creation of emojis that are as unstoppable as the girls they represent.

You can find more uplifting videos, features on inspiring women, and behind-the-scenes content on the Always YouTube channel.