This Video Is Proving Stereotypes of What Plus-Size Women Can Do Wrong

“Plus size women have no balance” reads the text in the new plus-size Canadian campaign video by Penningtons. The brand has coined the hashtag, #IWontCompromise as their new movement which proves harmful, outrageous, and completely untrue stereotypes about plus-size women wrong.

In the video, Dianne Bondy winks at the viewer as she is steady and strong in a pose. Compared to Lululemon, whose workout clothing is typically worn by models, Pennington is advocating for diverse shapes and sizes and celebrating their strength.

Penningtons clothing ranges from sizes 14 to 32 for work, a night out, casual attire, or a special occasion. The brand is taking the stage for this activewear campaign and is encouraging women to reclaim their body and their ability to achieve whatever is possible and to be who they are without compromise.

The campaign video is standing against the public and proudly stating, “Let them stare. Let them see what we can do. Let’s inspire them together.”