This Video Highlights 48 Sexist Things Women Hear in Their Lifetimes

Don’t be so bossy. Don’t be a slut. Stop being such an attention whore.

Over the course of any woman’s life, she will hear hundreds of these “suggestions” about how she should behave, how she should look, and how she should speak. This video highlights how many of these subtly sexist messages women hear repeatedly throughout their lives. When each of these remarks are isolated from each other, they may seem harmless. But when a woman hears these comments day in and day out, they become much more impactful and exhausting.

It’s particularly upsetting to see that such young girls are exposed to these sexist comments. Little girls are growing up in a world that seeks to dictate their every move.

No matter who you are or what gender you identify with, no one deserves to listen to constant and invasive commentary about their appearance or behaviors.