This Unlikely Duo Has Created a Totally Awesome Video Series to Inspire Young Women to Be Creative

Smart Girls, founded by Amy Poehler and producer, Meredith Walker, has joined with the life simulation game, The Sims 4, to inspire and encourage young girls to explore all avenues of creativity.

Women in the technology work field are far and few between. In the last 23 years, numbers have dropped dramatically and in 2013, only 26% of women held computing jobs. Electronic Arts, a distributor of The Sims, has collaborated with Smart Girls to inspire young women to utilize their creativity in the technology field and become inspired by the teams creators. Other good news: 40% of The Sims development team is made up of women.

Three teens are featured in the video series: a photographer, dancer, and musician. EA employees are teamed up with the girls and explain their role in the field — creating a real life connection between personal interests and game creation.

The Sims is a space for gamers to create their own dialogue, aesthetic, and overall, their own world. Partnering with Smart Girls allows for the freedom of expression to traverse countless opportunities while also opening doors to future possibilities.

View episodes 1, 2, and 3.