This Supermodel Fearlessly Tackles the Difficult World of Body Image

“You are bold, you are brilliant and you are beautiful. There is no other woman like you. You are capable.”


Ashley Graham is an internationally-known model and body activist, who was discovered at age 12 in a mall in Lincoln, Nebraska. By the age of 13, Graham had signed with an international modeling agency and begun working as a plus-size model for runway, catalogue, television, and editorial. While this may sound like a glamorous lifestyle, Graham describes all the gritty details of her experiences in her TedxBerkleeValencia talk.

Graham discusses the many challenges and rewards she was dealt on the road to becoming her own personal role model. Graham hopes to inspire the next generation of women and young girls to feel confident in their own bodies, so as to avoid some of the body negativity that she once faced. She discusses a need for a universal embrace of body positivity and body diversity, especially in a world with beauty norms and standards that are constantly being altered.