This Photographer Captures the Real, Difficult Teen Experience

This Photographer Captures the Real, Difficult Teen Experience

The “teen experience” isn’t exactly what you see online nowadays.

Joanna Piotrowska does black and white photographs of the teen experience—and they’re nothing like their hipster-flower power counterparts. Through her work, she plays with the uncomfortable aspects of family, being human, and the fine lines between intimacies. In FROWST, Piotrowska explores these ideals.

In her teen diary-esque part of the series, she positions the models in defensive positions to show the more awkward, violent aspects of the teen years. There’s something about her work that’s uncomfortable to look at, but that’s part of what makes this series so relatable.

It reminds me of myself—growing faster than I can buy new pants. Hair incredibly frizzy, hormone changes, shielding myself. However, as strange and important as those years are, there seems to be a sever lack of portrayal of the teen years as is. I think that’s why I like these photos so much: they’re relatable and they’re uncomfortable.

Cover image courtesy of Joanna Piotrowska.