This Period Parody Is the Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day

We’ve all been on the receiving end of some absolutely ridiculous comments about periods, and although we’d like to, most of us never get the chance to express just how annoyed these comments can make us.

Luckily, the awesome ladies of have done it for us. In their recent video, “Periods Aren’t That Gross,” our experts break down the facts about the menstrual cycle…well, mostly the facts.

Like that fact that women go to into the bathroom in groups because we need help fighting off the alligators that our period blood attracts. Obviously. Or how women don’t actually have livers or kidneys, just powerful demons who live off of our blood supply and let us know when to start bleeding by giving us cramps. We all know how true that is.


But seriously, these ladies not only provide us with deadpan, hilarious commentary on the everyday trials of having a period, but they also dismiss some of the all-too-common misconceptions about them.

Some of the myths they debunk include that using tampons takes your virginity, that you can’t have sex on your period, and the most famous one of all, that period blood can be used to put out forest fires (“…you’re thinking of water.”) They also take time at the end to remind everyone that periods are natural, normal, and most importantly, “not going to stop because you hate [them].”

So now, thanks to these rad ladies, we now all have the perfect response to give to those who just need to #getoverit.