This Musical Artist Is Making Sure Her Music Is As Empowering to Women As It Is Catchy

This Musical Artist Is Making Sure Her Music Is As Empowering to Women As It Is Catchy

“I’m gonna make a change–no apologies. I’m gonna have it all, you’ll see the woman in me.” These empowering lyrics are part of the song “My Body” from Ilana Harkavy’s five-track EP titled Just, Girl.

Harkavy is the founder and creator of The Just, Girl Project — a musical movement that empowers girls to embrace everything that makes them unique. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter wanted to create music that would help other young girls feel confident enough to take full ownership of the struggles they face in their lives.

Harkavy was inspired to take action after stumbling upon dozens of social media accounts that were solely devoted to the promotion of eating disorders, body shaming, and self-harm. She decided that through her music she could help combat some of these negative messages that society is sending to young girls and women.

“I know that being okay with yourself and loving who you are is a constant cycle, but we can never truly be okay with ourselves if we don’t allow ourselves to be,” said Harkavy. “And that’s why I created my music. I want to provide something functional and relatable that spreads positivity, inspiration, and happiness.”

Harkavy began her musical journey by launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for The Just, Girl. Project. She laid out her simple one-year plan in the hopes of gaining support and donations from other people who identified with her mission. Harkavy’s first goal was to produce her five track EP, which featured songs that addressed her various personal struggles and related back to the negative messages she saw online.

In the future, Harkavy hopes to produce music videos that will help bring her empowering messages to life. She also hopes to expand The Just, Girl. Project beyond music by creating an Etsy store to sell handcrafted items such as bracelets and dream boards. These handcrafted items would include Harkavy’s inspiring lyrics and encourage girls to always be the best versions of themselves. Harkavy would also like to expand her reach online by uploading more blogposts on The Just, Girl. Project Tumblr page. She hopes to use her blog as a way to launch social campaigns dedicated to spreading kind words and thoughts.

Harkavy has high hopes for the future of The Just, Girl. Project. From a mentorship program to the creation of a record label for up and coming artists, Harkavy has come up with some great ways to turn her musical movement into a global campaign for good.

Cover image courtesy of Indiegogo.