This Moving Company Helps Survivors of Domestic Violence Free of Charge

This Moving Company Helps Survivors of Domestic Violence Free of Charge

Author’s note: This article discusses domestic violence.

Meathead Movers, Inc. might sound like a silly name for a labor service but in reality, the business has helped dozens of women escape abusive households.

When Aaron and Evan Steed were just teenagers in high school, they started Meathead Movers. As student-athletes with strict academic and athletic schedules, the brothers knew that they needed to find a part-time job that offered flexible hours. After helping a friend’s parent move, the Steeds realized that creating a moving service would allow them the opportunity to earn money, design their own hours and help others. Their goal was to help members of their community make hassle-free transitions into their new homes. As their clientele grew and grew, the brothers were able to transition their labor service into a full-grown business.

During the early years of Meathead Movers, the Steeds would receive calls from distraught women who needed help to quickly pack up their belongings and escape dangerous home situations.

In an interview with the LA Times, Aaron Steed said, “To our unfortunate surprise, during the first two or three years running the company, I’d be the one who would pick up the calls. I’d periodically get calls from someone — usually a woman — fleeing an abusive relationship. There were a lot of intense moments and crying.”

After helping these first few women move items out of their homes, the brothers realized it was possible for them to also help others, while still keeping in line with their business plan. The Steeds decided to develop a special company policy to help victims of domestic violence flee abusive relationships free of charge.

Aside from this policy of free service, Meathead Movers offers domestic violence survivors the comfort of being aided by movers who have undergone specialized sensitivity training. Over the years, the business has developed strong relationships with local domestic violence shelters, many of which have helped train Meathead Mover employees in how to handle the various types of situations they may encounter on the job. When Meathead Movers receives a call from a client looking for help to flee a violent situation, anyone answering the phone is able to help them and in addition also direct them to the appropriate social service resources and local shelters.

Through their work, Meathead Movers has become a strong advocate for domestic violence awareness in their community. The company encourages other businesses to connect with local shelters or to offer free services or aid to survivors of domestic violence.. Through the use of the hashtag #MovetoEndDV, Meathead Movers has encouraged others to raise awareness on domestic violence. In addition to this, Meathead Movers also uses the hashtag to highlight those businesses, which also pledge to provide free aid to victims.

Meathead Movers has grown into a business that does more than simply help others move their belongings into a safe and protected place. Meathead Movers grants clients with the opportunity to seek out a fresh start and to move into a new chapter of their lives.

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