This Is The Age for Your Best Big Orgasm

This Is The Age for Your Best Big Orgasm

Haven’t had your best orgasm yet? Maybe you’re not old enough–or your time for your best sex ever has passed.  Really?



Every now and then, a report comes out about what age is best to have an orgasm. There’s a new one that finds the Big O is best at a certain age. You may think it is in your 20s, but it turns out that 36 could be your lucky number.

Natural Cycles, an app that is certified as a form of contraception, surveyed 2,600 women using the McCoy Female Sexuality Questionnaire (MFSQ) methodology, a standardized format. It was a survey, not a study.

They put women into three groups: those under 23, those from 23 to 36 and those over 36. According to the findings, women in the latter later group reported enjoying sex the most–and having the most orgasms. The report finds that 58 percent of women in the oldest group had 10 percent more orgasms than those in the youngest group and 5 percent more than women 23 to 36.

What makes for the best sex ever? The women were more confident about sex during this age, and more pleased with how they looked. This notion is something that’s been reported before.

The over 36 group also reported having more sex overall, with 86% saying they’d had sex in the last four weeks. However, shockingly 91% of men reach the big-O while having sex, compared to just 64% of women, according to the National Survey of Sex and Behaviour – and this needs to change.
To help lads and ladies out, Daily Star Online conducted its own research to find out the best way to make a woman orgasm.

Another recently published paper in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy looked at orgasm and sexual pleasure as related to genital touch and stimulation.

Debby Herbenick, lead author of the study and professor at the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington, found that there are not universal moves that work for everyone, and found there are certain styles of touch that more women prefer.  Of more than 1,000 women ages 18 to 94, 41 percent prefer one specific style of touch. About 75 percent of women said clitoral stimulation was a must for intercourse orgasms,, or that it helped orgasms feel better. Just 18 percent could orgasm based on penetration alone.

Regardless of how old you are, or how you prefer to have an orgasm, keep in mind that everyone is different. You may be 26 and having the best orgasms you’ll ever know right now–or maybe the best is yet to come. Or perhaps you’re in the Over 36 Club and still having the best sex ever. Like I said, these studies come out frequently with new numbers attached all the time.

In doing some research, I found a comment I liked:

“Orgasms don’t have to come from one site, nor from all sites. And they don’t have to be the same for every woman, nor for every sexual experience even in the same woman, to be whole and valid,” Jim Pfaus, a psychology professor from Concordia University, said in a statement on his 2016 research.

“Unlike men, women can have a remarkable variety of orgasmic experiences, which evolve throughout the lifespan. A woman’s erotic body map is not etched in stone, but rather is an ongoing process of experience, discovery and construction,” he said.

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