This Controversial App Teaches Men How to Handle a Partner’s Menstruation

This Controversial App Teaches Men How to Handle a Partner’s Menstruation

We’ve all heard about life-changing period-tracking apps designed to help women monitor their menstrual cycles—but what about a period-tracking app designed to help men track their partners’ cycles.


Yep, that actually exists and it’s called Fredrick. The appalling creation is branded with several taglines that could peeve any woman, regardless of whether or not it was her “time of the month.”

The app, founded on the basis that all women react the same way at the exact same time throughout the month is described as an “honest menstrual cycle navigator” for men. Not only is it supposed to be “helpful” with its timed updates warning men to “avoid making her sneeze” on certain days, but it’s also suggested that the app’s user can predict and capitalize on the best times to get some action.

Emily Reynolds, a writer who got to the hunt first, penned it best in her essay for Gadgette: “It’s a shorthand way of saying ‘women are illogical, emotional creatures.’ Our sensibilities may not be Victorian anymore, but according to men, menstruation apparently renders women as hysterical as their oft-fainting forebears.”


Whether it’s meant to be serious, a publicity stunt, or just a way of ruffling feathers for discussion, Fredrick is the first of it’s kind in the ring with other tracking apps, created to actually help and inform women instead of making a women’s body about the male she’s involved with.

“Beyond the fact that this just isn’t particularly funny, it’s frustrating that it even exists in a world where periods are so often used to put women down.”


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