This Compelling Vlogger Gives the Socially Conscious Commentary We All Need

Keep an eye out for YouTube sensation Franchesca Ramsey (also known as Chescaleigh), who has been a growing success for tackling hard-hitting topics surrounding race and politics in a way that is honest, accessible, and funny. Ever since her popularity exploded with a viral comedy video she posted two years ago, she has been a popular vlogger and vocal social justice advocate.

On her YouTube channel, she talks about everything from Beyonce and student loans to proper allyship. This year, Ramsey started hosting a weekly MTV News series called MTV Decoded, where she covers race, privilege, and more with a funny but honest eye.

“Part vlog, part sketch comedy, each week we’ll use comedy to tackle race and pop culture with a fun and educational spin,” writes Ramsey about the new web series on her blog.