This Company Shouts, “Yay Sex!” In The Form of A Box

This Company Shouts, “Yay Sex!” In The Form of A Box

And just like that, you can order your sex toys in a box.

Positive and celebratory, The Nooky Box is a monthly subscription that includes a toy, a story, lube, protection, and an erotic playlist.

Subscribers can choose their box: Lesbian-themed, straight-themed, and gay-themed. The next steps include the subscription package choice. For $80, subscribers can be shipped a Nooky Box every three months or a whole year for $300. Each box includes a variety of items. In the straight-themed box, for example, a glass dildo, Tenga Eggs, a curated playlist, and speciality items like stickers, are included. If commitment for a box isn’t in your paycheck right now, the team also offers varieties like the, Bachelorette, Edible, and Vacation boxes.

But for as amazing as getting this box delivered to your door may be, The Nooky Box is more than just a box. The service aims to educate readers and subscribers about sexual health. Their mission includes helping everyone to “enjoy their bodies and their desires without fear or shame.” Instead of keeping sex private, Meg Ross, the founder, wants to encourage individuals of all sizes, shape, orientation, gender, and identity to safely explore their body. Articles on the website include, “Finding the Perfect Lube,” “Tips for Giving (and Getting) Excellent Head,” and “Sexual Roleplay for Beginners.

For beginners who haven’t purchased a sex toy before, or those who haven’t used toys in a relationship, The Nooky Box delivers comfort and pride in exploration and experimentation. As someone who has personally purchased all of the wrong toys in the past, I can appreciate what the company hopes to achieve. An important way to discover what you crave is to expose your body to it — to introduce your skin to new forms, shapes, and vibrations.

The company is by no means kitschy or cheap. The boxes are carefully curated by Meg Ross, who started The Nooky Box in February after forgoing business plans of starting a brewery. After raising a little over $10,000 on Indiegogo, Ross has opened up a dialogue for individuals to discuss sex, and specifically sex toys, without the gimmicky cheese, discrimination, and shame that comes along with standard toy businesses.

“Sex is Fun” was the theme for the first Nooky Box and since then, Ross and her company have been righteously praising the free and powerful act of fornication, one discrete box at a time.