This Barbie Video From Mattel Is Inspiring Young Girls Everywhere

Earlier this month, Mattel, the company behind Barbie dolls, released a video on YouTube that reminded us what it was like to be a young girl who knew the world was her oyster. The video has us imagine the possibilities as five girls live out their dreams of being a professor, veterinarian, soccer coach, businesswoman, and tour guide. There are so many possibilities with life. This video is a reminder that we just have to try to make our dreams come true.

Besides inspiring young girls through Barbie products, Mattel also previewed a new line of dolls at New York Comic Con to be released in 2016. The doll line is DC Super Hero Girls, inspired by a new show of the same name. The show follows female comic characters whose lives intertwine at Super Hero High. The dolls in the line range from characters such as Wonder Woman to Poison Ivy. The dolls were sculpted after female athletes and made to look more heroic than pretty. These dolls will be released this spring.

Mattel is working hard to put away the likes of too skinny, unrealistic dolls and looking to have stronger dolls and better messages. These are just two ways the company is improving and moving in the direction of feminism. There can only be more to come.

Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.