This App Splits Bills Based on Your Privilege to Prove a Point

This App Splits Bills Based on Your Privilege to Prove a Point

You’re going to want to try this out.

The discussion about the gender wage gap in America is not a new one, however San Franciscan comedian Luna Malbroux is taking that conversation to a whole new level with her new app, the EquiTable.

The EquiTable is designed to split up group bills between friends, but instead of dividing it up into equal amounts, the app splits the cost according to privilege. Using statistics from the Bureau of Labor, EquiTable calculates what the average salary for each person might be according to their race, gender, and ethnicity, and gives those with more privileged identities a higher portion of the bill.

Malbroux describes the app as “a fun way to pull actual statistics from the Bureau of Labor and expand what we hear about the wage gap so more people are included in the conversation,” and is adamant that it’s meant to be used as a conversation started rather than an actual payment divider. However despite Malbroux’s defense of the app, she and her team have still received a lot of criticism.

In response to the criticism, Malbroux has said that she and her team are “prepared for it.” She adds, “I suggest they download the app and protest us using our built in protest feature!”

The EquiTable app is still in testing, but Malbroux and her team are hoping to have it released in app stores soon.


Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.