This Amazing New Documentary Showcases Real-Life Sheroes

This Amazing New Documentary Showcases Real-Life Sheroes

A few months ago, I had the honor of filming with Brett Culp Films for his new movie, Look To The Sky. You can check out the trailer:

The documentary follows the stories of young people who embody the spirit of a superhero in their work. Although traditionally superheroes have been considered fictional characters, this movie shows real-life examples.

When I was first chosen to film for this documentary, the voices in the back of my head immediately started thinking negative thoughts: “Why you? What makes you a hero?” I then realized that those thoughts were wrong—I am a daughter, a friend, a non-profit owner, a writer…and all of that makes me a shero, a title that I couldn’t be more proud to hold.

Check out the trailer for this documentary—you’re sure to be inspired by all of the amazing young people. The things that make us superheroes aren’t magic powers or the ability to fly… It’s qualities that are inside all of us. Keep searching, and think about what makes you a shero.

Cover image courtesy of Look To The Sky.