These Empowering Slam Poets Want You to Take More Selfies

The feminist revolution is here, and it starts with a selfie.

Take it from Megan Falley and Olivia Gatwick, poets, all-around badasses, and founders of the feminist spoken word show “SPEAK LIKE A GIRL.” In their beautiful “Ode To The Selfie,” Falley and Gatwick celebrate the “tiny revolution” that is girls taking selfies.

They start by calling out people who “think it’s cool or edgy to hate selfies” – but after that first sentence, the haters get no more attention. Instead, the poets celebrate the power of the selfie and of all the girls and women who take and share them.

“Today millions of girls loved themselves in the face of a world that tells them not to,” they say.

Share a selfie. Love yourself. Join the revolution – armed with your camera, your wonderful face, and this poem.