These Adorable Father-Daughter Ads From Pantene Will Melt Your Heart

As the most-watched football game of the year approaches, millions of viewers await the release of this year’s iconic Super Bowl ads.

Pantene has officially debuted their newest, and quite possibly their most adorable, commercial featuring a series of NFL players and their young daughters. And yes, it will melt your heart.

The series features Benjamin Watson of the Saints, DeAngelo Williams of the Steelers and Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys plus their little girls. These three NFL dads strive to create what they have dubbed Dad-Dos for their daughters. From bows and flower clips to braids and ponytails, the football players encourage dads everywhere to spend more quality time with their daughters, even if it includes struggling not to break a hair tie.

Most little girls are used to their moms being the designated hairstylists, but this commercial helps illustrate how even the little things are crucial to building father-daughter relationships. Girls who have positive relationships with their fathers are often more confident, more successful and more self-reliant, according to a 2006 study conducted by Linda Neilsen.

It is easy to forget that when the game is over, these NFL stars go home to be family men. This commercial is a refreshing reminder that no matter the obstacle, there’s always enough time for daddy-daughter bonding.

To check out more of the daddy-daughter hair tutorials, head over to Pantene’s YouTube channel to watch the entire series.