The Video Explains Everything That’s Wrong With the Concept of Virginity

Why is the concept of virginity so problematic?

Swoozy Clancey of Femsplain explains you how the construct of virginity is sexist and how it is one of the factors that plays into sex and slut-shaming.

She also discusses how the concept of virginity places more importance on the penetrative sex of a man and a woman (and not necessarily people of other genders or sexual orientations), which belittles the experience of other sexual acts—masturbatory, queer, oral, digital, and anal, to name a few.

Clancey suggests that, instead of concentrating on “losing virginity” when it comes to first sexual experiences, we should instead be focusing on creating consenting, healthy, responsible, and open sexual relationships. I couldn’t agree more.


Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.