The Top Five Gender Tag Videos

The Top Five Gender Tag Videos

I am obsessed with the Gender Tag on YouTube; I simply cannot get enough.

Gender is on a spectrum just as sexuality is and it is both fascinating and educationally important that people are talking about it. The Gender Tag (created by Ashley Wylde) talks about gender expression, presentation, experience, identity, dysphoria, and pronouns. Here are my five favorites.


Hannah Hart

Pronouns: she/her

Why I like it: Hannah is articulate and all around spectacular. This video makes me feel like however I choose to express my gender is okay and I love that.

“I don’t think it [my identifying as a woman] defines me it’s just who I am.”


Pronouns: they/them

Why I like it: It is important to talk about genders that are not male/female and it is important to address that there are no specific rules to gender. Lainey does both of these things and it is great.

“My make up has nothing to do with my gender identity, just the fact that I like make up.”


Milo Stewart

Pronouns: he/they/kit

Why I like it: Milo is a serious gem of a human. What I find most important about his video is the complete and open honesty that comes with his exploration of gender. Gender is really confusing and Milo isn’t afraid to say it like it is.

“I don’t know what my gender’s doing, it’s just doing its thing, I try to deal with it the best that I can.”



Pronouns: she/her or just Amanda

Why I like it: See quote below. Sometimes people like to be misgendered and it is okay.

“Have I ever been misgendered? As I was born female I’m going to take this as ‘has anyone thought I was male?’ Yes, and it is the best thing ever, I wish it happened all the time!”



Pronouns: he/his

Why I like it: There is a particular sweetness to the idea of a cis man actively fighting against gender stereotypes and I just can’t get enough.

“I’ve always wanted to establish a different kind of masculinity…I’ve always felt different and I wanted to establish a different way to be a guy.”

Gender can be a battlefield. Sometimes we have words for what we feel and sometimes we don’t. What is important to acknowledge is that the only person who knows your gender is you. If you feel like a woman, you are a woman. If you feel like a genderqueer human, that is what you are. The only person who gets to decide your gender is you.

Have you made a gender tag video? Leave it in the comments below, I want to watch it!