The Importance of Finding Your Voice

The Importance of Finding Your Voice

Our voices are more powerful than we know.

They can give support to a belief or clear up a misunderstanding. Voices can help guide people and keep them from making mistakes. Voices can disrupt prejudices and challenge assumptions. But if we fail to utilize and exercise our voices, they will fade with time. We will lose the ability to allow our words to change us and the people around us.

Don’t get me wrong, it is hard to find and maintain an active voice. But if we continually allow that fear to hold us back from speaking out when we have something to say, we are likely going to miss out on the opportunity of being heard.

So, just how do you go about finding your voice? Here are some tips to help you out!


Uncover Your Passions

The first and most simple step to finding your voice is to just ask yourself, “What do I care about?” Consider what makes you feel something, be it positive or negative emotions. Think about the aspects of our society that you want to see improve or change. These are the topics that you should be raising your voice about because these are the things that ignite your passion. When we neglect to question the wrongs or injustices that we see in the world, we are allowing for those wrongs and injustices to be perpetuated.


Embrace Your Unique Opinions

Think about a time when you have let something go and later regretted not having spoken up. Did that instance eat away at you? Did it continue to haunt your mind for hours, days, even weeks? The beauty of our voices is that it is never too late to say what needs to be said, even if that initial moment that triggered your opinion has long since passed. Who cares if you can’t find the perfect words to say? It’s better to not leave the things that you need to say unspoken.


Own Who You Are

This goes along with recognizing what it is that you are passionate about. We each have a very unique and distinct set of values and beliefs that we hold close to our hearts. Every single person has a very different yet valuable collection of knowledge, wisdom and experiences that they have acquired throughout their individual life. Because of this, every human being has a perspective all of his or her own to bring to the table when discussing a diverse range of topics. You and your voice are just as valued in important conversations as any other voice. When we begin to understand the importance of our individuality, we allow ourselves to ignite the spark inside of us and to let that light shine outward and onto others.


Allow yourself to circle back to the things that bug you and to let people know how you feel, even if it is way after the fact. The more you practice this, the easier it will be for you to speak your mind in the moment. Don’t be afraid that your voice and your opinion might drive people away. You speaking your mind can’t possibly make things any worse than they already are. At the least, you speaking up will inspire and encourage someone else to speak out as well. We all have thoughts and ideas that deserve to be heard. It’s never too late to start speaking up.

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