The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Menstrual Cups, Answered

The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Menstrual Cups, Answered

This article was originally published by Lunette.

The Lunette team really do like receiving your questions, comments and concerns – yes, even the really “unique” ones! We understand that menstrual cup use doesn’t come easy to everyone and a few questions might arise regarding your anatomy and how the cup works. We want to help you love your Lunette menstrual cup just as much as we do!


1. How are menstrual cups different than tampons?

The Lunette menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone, not cotton or rayon, which can dry you out. Plus, the Lunette cup’s capacity is much greater than tampon’s. The Lunette model 2 can hold (30 milliliters) 1 fluid ounces of liquid compared to a super absorbency tampon, which can hold only 12-15 grams.


2. Help! Why can’t get my menstrual cup inserted comfortably?

You may not be able to get the menstrual cup to fit right the first time, but with a bit of practice you will be able to insert the cup like an expert. Everybody is different so if one fold doesn’t work well for you try another one! You also don’t need to wait for your period to start before you can try out your menstrual cup; it’s perfectly okay to do a “dry-run,” especially since the Lunette cup won’t dry you out.


3. Why am I having difficulties removing my cup?

Relax. The first few times using the cup you may feel that removing your cup is a complicated process. After a few tries you’ll realize that it can actually be quick and simple! Break the seal by squeezing the bottom part of the cup until you feel or hear the suction release. Then, gently rock the cup from side to side while pulling down. Make sure that you do not pull the cup out by the tab alone!


4. How do I clean my menstrual cup?

The Lunette cup should be cleaned before and after your cycle and after emptying. We suggest boiling your menstrual cup for five minutes. If this is not a good option for you (say, while you’re out shopping or camping) wipe your cup out with toilet paper or use a Lunette disinfecting wipe.


5. Are colored cups safe?

Yes. The dye used in Lunette menstrual cups is FDA approved for medical and food use. The colors don’t contain heavy metals or phthalates. We don’t use really bright colors or glitter in our products; we choose our colors very carefully so they are truly safe to use inside the vagina. Plus the type of dye used in the Lunette menstrual cups are inside the silicone so it’s not possible for the color to leach like with some cheaper dyes which are also used in other menstrual cups.


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