So, Why Are Tampon Companies Run by Men?

So, Why Are Tampon Companies Run by Men?

We’ve got a seemingly obvious question for Planet Earth: Why are tampon companies (as well as companies that market products to women) run by men? The Huffington Post shines light on this important issue in an article that went up earlier today.

It’s no secret that women, despite making up half of the workforce, are not able to find their way to corner offices and board rooms. But could you imagine how different the feminine hygiene product market would be if women ran the show?

A couple of things that we think would change:

  • No more ridiculous tampon commercials of women twirling around in all-white costumes or animated sanitary pads flying through the air (they’re pads, not airplanes).
  • More thought to the design and fit of tampons so that they’re more comfortable for women.
  • Less general awkwardness all around. What woman wants to discuss her period with a room of guys in suits?

Overall, things need to change. Big time.