Sweden May Be Starting A New Trend: Work Breaks For Sex

Sweden May Be Starting A New Trend: Work Breaks For Sex

A local council member in Sweden proposed a new kind of work law.

Per-Erik Muskos made a call for one-hour paid breaks that would, in his eyes, lead to healthier lives for people across Sweden.

The one-hour paid break is intended to be used as a sex break, for both couples and those who are single, as a way to make up for any private time that’s missed because of work commitments or busy schedules.

According to Quartz, “In the work-life balance equation, Swedes clearly value life: two or three times a day, it’s common to have fika, or coffee breaks, to help them disconnect, recharge and eat sweets.”

In Sweden the average work week is about 30 hours, while in the United States, for comparison, it is in the range of 35-45 hours per week.

While the mindset has yet to catch on in the US, the Swedes’ more holistic approach to work-life balance may have some merit. Especially as research has consistently found that sex is a great way to release stress and part of a healthier approach to everyday life.

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