The Super Bowl Gets Schooled on What #LikeAGirl Means

There’s more to watch this Sunday than just the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, and I’m not just talking about Katy Perry. Feminine hygiene product company Always is featuring an ad challenging the idea of doing things “like a girl”—they ask both men, teens, and young boys to run, throw, and fight like a girl; they all act weak or unskilled. However, when young girls are asked to do these actions like girls would, they go all out—because what else are they going to do? So when did doing things “like a girl” become the same as being fragile or inexperienced? Always wants to tackle this idea and take it down once and for all.

Featuring this ad during the Super Bowl commercials is incredibly important, especially since in former years, women have been portrayed as both sex objects and nagging girlfriends in one fell swoop, equated to a goal or the game, and even made hot while eating…a patty melt? Not only is it a refreshing breath of air after so many sexist ads, but it’s an empowering video for women being aired during an all-male sports game. It confronts the idea that this is a “boy’s game only” and finds space for women where there usually isn’t one.

I’m more excited to see the commercials this year than I am to see the half time show (sorry, Katy)! No matter who you’re rooting for this season, let’s all cheer for Always for redefining #LikeAGirl.