Study Proves Your Voice Can Change During Your Menstrual Cycle

Study Proves Your Voice Can Change During Your Menstrual Cycle

The study holds as long as you’re not on a hormonal birth control.

Researchers at the  University of Zadar in Croatia documented vocal changes in 66 women over their menstrual cycle. Of the 66 women, 44 were not on any birth control, while 21 were on some form of hormonal birth control.

The study focused on recording the women pronouncing vowels and listening for changes in the tone of their voices.

According to study results, some women “had lower minimum pitch in the late follicular phase compared to the menstrual phase, and they had lower voice intensity in the luteal phase,” explains PsyPost.

The voice changes are credited to hormonal changes throughout the cycle, which is why those who are on a hormonal form of birth control did not have variations in their vowel exercises.

“A takeaway message would be that women’s voices do change during the menstrual cycle, most likely due to fluctuations of sex hormones,”explains Irena Pavela Banai, lead study author, to PsyPost. “Probably some women, like professional singers, notice that their ability to reach high notes, for example, is different in different cycle points, and these changes are normal…However, pill usage may disrupt naturally occurring changes in voice production and make voice more stable throughout the cycle, or even less feminine to some extent.”

The team of researchers hope to further their investigations and study how women’s voices change during regular conversation, and not just vowel pronunciation.

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