Stained Your Clothes During Your Period? Here Are 5 Ways to Deal

Stained Your Clothes During Your Period? Here Are 5 Ways to Deal

So you got period for the first time (or even the millionth time) and you’re unprepared—life happens. Although we have already covered what materials to use to make a homemade pad, we’ve now rounded up a few tips of how to hide that embarrassing period stain.


1. Use a Jacket

At a time like this, a jacket is your best friend so hopefully you brought one with you. Not only does it keep you warm in those chilly classrooms but it’s a good way to hide your period stain. Just wrap the hoodie or light jacket around your waist, and before you know it, you’re rocking a trend and camouflaging a stain simultaneously.


2. Ask a Friend

Your truest friends are always there for you when you need them the most. They will understand your situation and try to help you. Maybe your friend might have an extra jacket wrap around your waist or an extra pair of leggings you could wear for the day. Asking never hurts.


3. Use Backup Gym Clothes

If you’re in middle school or high school, you’re probably taking a gym class or doing some sort of after-school sport. If you happen to get your period unexpectedly at school, try to change into your gym clothes. However, I only recommend this tip if your clothes coordinate with the weather. You wouldn’t want to be sporting your gym shorts if it is only 20 degrees outside. Yikes!



4. Call a Parent

Although it may seem embarrassing, call your parents. They may be willing to stop by your school to bring you a change of clothes. However, be considerate if your parents are at work. Sometimes they may not always have the luxury to leave their office whenever they please.


5. Go to the School Nurse

For your last resort, I recommend taking a trip to the nurse’s office. When I was in high school, I knew the nurse always carried a few backup articles of clothing. However, I know other school nurse’s aren’t as nice. Otherwise, your school nurse could help you contact your parents that could bring you extra clothes, or your nurse could help you brainstorm an alternative plan.


When you get home, rinse the stain under cold water for three to five minutes. Then spray a stain remover on the area and throw it into the washing machine.

To avoid any emergency period-related situations, I recommend keeping your locker or backpack stuffed full of extra clothes, pads, and tampons (even when you’re not on your period). This way you’re ready to take on any obstacle that comes your way.

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